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Travel should stimulate all six of your senses.

A sleek guide that gives you the essence of a city.

A travel guide as awesome as your trip


Do you feel like travel guides that list page after page of listings for hotels and restaurants in cities you may never visit are over-abundant?


Is your current travel guide taking up space in your bag, even though you will probably only end up using 20 of its 200 pages?


Do you find yourself wanting to absorb as much as you can about a place in the short amount of time you have for travel, but you don't just want to hit the most touristy spots?


I set out to create a guide that focuses on the sensory experience of a place.


I believe that journeys in sight, taste, smell, sound, touch, and overall emotional feel make a complete experience, and I created Six Senses Guides to give you just that: a lush, full-color overview of the best sensory experiences in a city.  I'm excited to release Hong Kong as the first guide in this series.


About Curated Hong Kong


As an American ex-pat living in Hong Kong for a year in 2010-2011, I found the city to be one of the most spectacular places on the planet. It is  remarkable especially for its contrasts. Hyper-urban and futuristic are nestled next to hand-made cultures of the past. Lush mountains hug 140 story skyscrapers. Slow trams chug the same route as efficient metros. In fact, public transportation and taxis are genius in this city where services are cheap but goods and meals are often expensive.  


Always use the Airport Express train to get to your hotel from the airport, buy an Octopus card to get around, ride the Star Ferry at night, feel free to drink the water, don’t tip, and make sure you eat xiao long bau, wonton noodle, and milk tea.  Hong Kong is a great city and easy for those of us that don’t speak Cantonese. This guide includes my favorite sensory experiences. I hope you enjoy, Curated Hong Kong.



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